Ethnically Diverse- Navratri Outfit #2

The pomp and splendour of Navratri are around the corner and here is my take on a Gujarati outfit.

We all know that clothing preferences are different in each state. And the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of Gujarat dressing style is the colourful, vibrant, beautiful thread work, patchwork and beadwork. The traditional dress for men consists of Kediyu and dhoti, and for women, it is chaniya choli.

I am a legit girlie girl, but of late I have been wearing t-shirts from the men’s department, and I love the way it looks on me. I pick up an extra size up or two and make a basic t-shirt piece a style statement.

So, what fun is it to wear a chaniya choli for Navratri and call it a day? Since the androgynous fashion has become more accessible, I chose to wear kediyu and dhoti. I always like to define my waist and hence I cinched my waist with a belt. Jewellery makes an integral part of every individual and the tribal groups of Gujarat.  And I being a huge collector of silver jewellery completed my ensemble with the same.

Take a clue from this post and style your Navratri outfit.

Dress: Sriya’s Couture (Instagram) | Jewellery- Kolkata | Jootis: Westside stores

Photographer: Karthik Pallati.


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