Ethnically Diverse- Navratri Outfit #1

The festive season is upon us and if you’re someone like me who loves to go out and play garba-dandiya but struggling with what to wear? Read to know more.

In India, each state celebrates Navratri in its way. I will be doing a series of four posts depicting Gujarat, Rajasthan, Telangana and Kolkata.

Since most of you know, I have been to Kolkata recently and inspired by its love for Durga Pooja which is celebrated in all its glory. I decided to incorporate the colours and nitty-gritty of Bengali women dressing into my wardrobe and come up with a new outfit for dandiya nights.

We all know that Bengali women wear traditional red-white tant or garad sarees with red vermilion bindis for special occasions. It is a widespread belief that the colour combination of the saree has a significance. The white stands for purity and the red symbolise fertility; it is a celebration of feminity.

So, keeping in mind all these points I chose this dress from Westside Stores which is precisely what I was looking for. To get that Bong appeal I applied Alta and accessorised with gold jewellery.

Photographer: Karthik Pallati

Stay tuned for my Gujarati outfit idea.




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