#SoMyTravels To Calcutta Day 3&4


After an eventful day two, we headed back home where I was pleasantly surprised by my friends at the stroke of midnight. It was the best birthday!

The last two days gave the city a gloomy tinge, but it did not hinder our plans. But my birthday morning the clouds cleared up, and it was indeed a beautiful day.

DAY 3- My Birthday!

Howrah Station and Bridge-

The birthday morning we got up early to visit the famous Rabindra Setu also known as the Howrah Bridge. Calcutta is known for a lot of things; trams, yellow taxis, street food but nothing can beat the magnificent structure of the bridge. The bridge is known as the busiest in the world, and you get to witness it once you walk on it, workers carrying their stock, local flower vendors, people arguing, you will find the real Calcutta essence over here.

The breakfast at Balwant Singh Dhaba-

After witnessing the maverick structure, we headed to have breakfast at yet another popular eatery ‘The Balwant Singh Dhaba.’ We all know that the city is known for its street food and how can we miss gorging on it? The service is super fast, and the place is pocket-friendly too. We ordered aloo paratha and paneer paratha which gives you the real taste of real North India.

We had a darshan at Kalighat-

Since it was my birthday and I wanted to seek Durga Ma’s blessings and also Kalighat being one of the must visit. We availed a taxi to reach the temple, and as we dismounted the car, we were greeted by guides who promised to get us through the crowd in less time but at a cost. Which resulted in a money looting scam. So, next time if you visit the temple stand in the queue like others and avoid all the fraud.

We weren’t allowed to click any pictures inside the temple.

Idol Making-

After our darshan, we were strolling the lanes and found an idol-making street. The artisans were sweet enough to allow us to click pictures and observe the art. They were rows of idols in the various form of completion stacked up beside each other; I was stunned to look at how meticulously the craftsmen create idols from clay.

Science City-

It is one of the largest science cities in the world which is genuinely educational. Sadly, we could not spend much time there exploring as I was rushed back to the room for yet another surprise. Oh boy! It was the least expected.

Exploring the lanes of Calcutta-

After the birthday surprise, we quickly changed our clothes and headed out to visit the Writer’s building and the streets adjacent to it. The BBD Bagh area is like an oasis of historic architecture.  While walking past all the lanes, you realise that the city has an individual soul which stands out in the form of faded facades, people of all ethnicity, and the colonial architecture.

My birthday outfit-

When I was on a trip to Pune, I picked up a saree for 250 rupees at a local shop and converted into a lady-like dress.


Dress Tailormade | Jute Bag- Esplanade Market | Jootis: Westside stores

We had an early dinner at the Bhoj Company-

There are some outstanding Bengali restaurants in the city, and the Bhoj Company happens to be one of them. After a long tiring walk, we wanted to have an early dinner. It is a small restaurant which is pocket-friendly, and the food is super authentic. I don’t particularly remember all the dishes names since we ordered a lot for three people. In the end, we were satisfied with the sumptuous meal.


DAY 4- The last day of the trip.

On my birthday night, we partied real hard and ended waking up late the next day. So, we took the day as it came without any agenda or plans.

We had Kathi rolls in park street for brunch, and after which we headed out to the Indian Museum. We spent most of the afternoon exploring the museum. This is the first museum in India where all the discoveries from excavations were first bought.  The ground floor is filled with sculptures from 2nd to 12th centuries A.D. There was whole other section dedicated to fossils which Ross Geller would have enjoyed! (you know what I mean, right?). There are many different sections like botany, Egyptian era etc. Remember, the museum is closed on Mondays, and I would recommend visiting the place early to avoid the rush.


A late lunch at the Corner Courtyard-

It is a cute restaurant located in South Calcutta with quirky decor and a hint of French. The restaurant makes for great selfie shots because of the eccentric decor and walls.

Princep Ghat-

Our last destination on our trip.

The Princep Ghat was build in the British era and named after James Princep. We wanted to catch the sunset but the day was gloomy and raining, but that did not hinder the breathtaking view it had to offer. We took a boat ride to enjoy the tranquillity and enjoy the moments with dear ones. I would recommend indulging in this experience. The boat rides start from the ghat for 20 minutes at a price ranging from 250-400 and take four people in it. Towering above the river is Vidyasagar Setu which is beautifully lit in the evenings.

And this brings us to an end of the Calcutta trip. Through all the drainage, heaps of garbage and faded grandeur you will fall in love with the city for its artistically inclined people and spirit.

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