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It’s been a while since I last uploaded a blog post. Today, I am back with a mini travel post. My girlfriends and I went on a leisure weekend getaway to Maharashtra to celebrate one of my friend’s bachelorette party. It was a three days trip to Lonavala, Alibaug, and Pune.

  1. Flights– We booked our to and fro tickets from Hyderabad to Pune two months before avoiding a surge in prices later. I usually book through website; the tickets are relatively cheaper than other sites.
  2. Accommodation– We booked rooms in Alibaug through Air BnB. It was a bungalow which was very close by to the beach. The host Madhuri Ji lived in the home on the first floor, and we got the entire second floor. It was a 2BHK with a vast living area, and all the amenities were provided. Next, in Pune, one of my friends rented a guest room in Amanora Society, Hadapsar through her office contacts. Both the accommodations were so damn fantastic! Worth the money spent.
  3. Travelling– This getaway was more like a road trip. We travelled from Lonavala- Alibaug- Lavasa- Pune. Since none of us knows how to drive a car, we rented one with a chauffeur from ‘make my trip rental services’. The person who was employed to drive our car was very chilled out and did not utter any nonsense which was a sigh of relief. When we came back to Pune, we rented Ola cabs for 10 hours for local sightseeing.
  4. Food– On this trip, I binged on all the junk food available. We had some delicious food in all the cities we visited.
  5. Packing– Since it is monsoon time I did not forget to pack my raincoat which I purchased from and weather-appropriate shoes.
  6. Outfits–  DAY 1: Culottes- FBB | Tunic: | Shirt as a jacket: Splash Store.

DAY 2: Red dress: Stalk Buy Love | Kimono: Custom made & Pinafore dress: Shein | Oxblood top: Shein.

DAY 3: Flora dress: H&M | Shoes: Bata.


DAY 1- We visited Lonavala in the morning and returned to Alibaug for a night stay.


The Karla caves is an ancient Buddhist shrine. The path to Karla caves is like a mini hike with rocky terrain. There are more than 150 steps to climb but due to the rains the view while climbing was breathtaking with waterfalls flowing on both the sides.

Day 1- Karla Caves, Lonavala.

Day 1- Karla Caves, Lonavala.
Day 1- Karla Caves, Lonavala.                                                                                                                                                                         

Lonavala Waterfalls

Monkey Point
Monkey Point

DAY 2- Alibaug

We started off from Lonavala in the evening after visiting all the iconic sites. We reached Alibaug around 9 pm and went out for dinner nearby our room. We had the best dal khichdi and aloo paratha there.

Kashinath Bungalow, Alibaug.

The next morning, we got up early and dressed up in our custom-made kimonos. It has become a ritual kind of a thing to wear similar outfits and get pictures clicked.

We were a little disappointed when the locals informed us that the forts in Alibaug are closed. Our plans for day two were disrupted. So, we headed out to the beach and spent sometime before we started our journey towards Lavasa.

The same day we visited Lavasa. The road journey was pretty smooth, and we had a good time while enjoying the view and eating vada pav and jalebis at Lonavala highway.

Lavasa is beautifully built on the western ghats of Pune. Many come here for water sports and trekking since it is monsoon time all the activities were closed but that didn’t hinder us from enjoying the nature which was at its best.
































DAY 3- Pune

We reached Pune from Lavasa around 10 pm on day 2 and relaxed for the night after a lot of travelling. We ordered food service and just chilled in the balcony gossiping and giving some gyaan to each other.

View from the room we rented. Amanora Towers

On day 3, we didn’t have any schedule planned. They were many places which each of us wanted to visit but couldn’t because of the distance and time. So, we ended up strolling near F.C and M.G markets.

I heard a lot of things about ‘Good Luck Cafe’, and I made sure I visited the place for breakfast. It wasn’t as I expected, but nonetheless, it was a good experience.

Shaniwar Vada
Shaniwar Vada

Novels at a discounted price.


Chocolate Pan

























Bhel Puri at F.C market


We ended day three by going to a pub called ‘Locals’ and danced our hearts out. On the whole, the trip was short yet had a lot of travelling and fun!

You know what? I am travelling in the coming month again! Yay!



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