#SoMyWeddingStyles- AM WEDDING

Are you that girl who is as excited as your BFF because she is getting married? Well, I am definitely! Helping her with all the wedding prep, shopping together and fretting over small details is what we did for the past few months. And now, it has come to an end. She is happily married

Come what may the attire had to be traditional for the wedding according to Megha, and we obliged. No points for guessing what colors I chose for the wedding day. I cannot help it! Had to be pink and black. And it was a safer bet because a bride cannot drape a black saree on her wedding day.

I purchased this saree from a Facebook page called Ikat Sarees Pochampally. The quality of the saree was as expected, worth the money invested. I didn’t jazz up the outfit much, but I got a hairstyle done which only stayed intact for a while and got ruined entirely during the photoshoot.


Thank you, Vijay Uncle for the lovely pictures!



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