#SoMyWeddingStyles- I Dressed Retro

For a south Indian wedding, one would often prefer a silk saree, but I chose to drape a lace saree for my friend’s daytime wedding. Just like silk sarees, lace sarees are a classic! Lace fabric has been etched in the history since the Renaissance time when Queen Victoria chose to wear it for her wedding day, and since then it has become a lasting tradition for a Christain bride to wear a lace gown. So, taking the Queen as my inspiration, I picked up the lace fabric but in our traditional red colour for a Hindu Wedding.

Well, lace fabric can be tricky at times, one for being sheer. So, how do you style it? For starters, don’t buy fabric which is flimsy and delicate. Look for lace which has thicker weaved pattern.

I believe, lace has a certain sophistication to it when paired with right accessories and hairstyle. Here, I pinned up my hair into a messy yet tamed bun, and you would need a lot of pins and hairspray to make this work! :D. I finished the look with pearl and kundan accessories.

Saree: Cheap Jack, General Bazaar | Tailor-made Blouse: Likha Bespoke | Accessories: The Trinkaholic


Photographer: Karthik Pallati

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